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We are living in a metaphorically grey era; propaganda, corruption and censorship taint many aspects of our world. Writers, researchers, academics, musicians, poets and artists have the ability to chip at the painting through the natural investigative journalistic discourse that one takes down the path of discovery, to expose the colours of the world we see before us. https://thepeoplesperspective.org/about

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Hemp vs. Trees

Industrial agriculture to produce commodities such as fabric, palm oil and paper, is the biggest threat facing our trees today. It is estimated that 7 million hectares (3.5 – 7 billion trees) are destroyed annually [1]. Around 270,000 trees are flushed, or dumped in landfills every single day, with 10% of this being attributed toContinue reading “Hemp vs. Trees”

Health Care Practices in Ancient Greece: The Hippocratic Ideal

Abstract “Asclepius and Hippocrates focused medical practice on the natural approach and treatment of diseases, highlighting the importance of understanding the patient’s health, independence of mind, and the need for harmony between the individual, social and natural environment, as reflected in the Hippocratic Oath. The aim of this study was to present the philosophy ofContinue reading “Health Care Practices in Ancient Greece: The Hippocratic Ideal”

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