‘Local Thug Spreads Truth with Chalk’

A local man has been ‘vandalising’ the streets of East Sussex with chunky chalk and colourful truth.

The effect on the local community include, but are not limited to: free thinking; discarding of fear; smiling; increased quest for knowledge; decreased trust for mainstream media and Government; strengthened connection and solidarity with fellow humans; happiness; hugs; attending peaceful protests; and planting seeds (literally and figuratively 😉).

‘Raw truths on the streets of England’
Smiling is incredibly contagious [1] – side effects include, but are not limited to: increases in dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin [2]; life longevity [3]; natural alleviation of pain [4]; it serves as a natural antidepressant [5]; and can even lower the heart rate and blood pressure [6]. That’s a lot to smile for, right?
“Save Our Rights UK is a grassroots movement that sees how this country is not governed by a real democracy. We seek to unite people and enact change.
We envision a country not run by corruption and where people have a voice that is truly heard.” See here for more.
For more information on the legal challenge against the UK government regarding the proposed introduction of the health/immunity passport system and their related technologies See here.
Did you know, 70% of our total bodily waste comes out through our breath, the rest (30%) via our skin and down the loo.
Happy researching 🤓

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