Vaccines and Microchips: Conspiracy Theory or Fact?

So the BBC ‘debunked’ the microchip ‘conspiracy’, or did they?

In the BBC article it stated “One of the most shared claims this week – one that has been circulating since early this year – is that the coronavirus pandemic is a cover for a plan to implant tiny trackable microchips in people and that Mr Gates is behind it all. There is no evidence to support these claims and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has told the BBC they’re entirely false.” See here for full article.

Microchips are larger than nanoparticles, but quantum dots are also nanotechnology… they are one in the same. There is readily available research and well defined plans (See here) to place quantum dots in the bodies of people to hold a record of vaccination. It’s not a conspiracy.

An article by Nanowerk explains this quantum tech: – “A pattern of 1.5-millimeter microneedles that contain vaccine and fluorescent quantum dots are applied as a patch. The needles dissolve under the skin, leaving the encapsulated quantum dots. Their pattern can be read to identify the vaccine that was administered.

Instead of ink, this highly specific medical record consists of copper-based quantum dots embedded in biocompatible, micron-scale capsules. Their near-infrared dye is invisible, but the pattern they set can be read and interpreted by a customized smartphone.”

Kevin McHugh, an assistant professor of bioengineering at Rice University stated in 2019 that “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation came to us and said, ‘Hey, we have a real problem — knowing who’s vaccinated,’” (See here for full article). And thus, the vaccination record tech endeavour begun.

So, Bill is behind this tech after all. Who’s fact checking the BBC? Click here for more on Bill Gates and his financial ventures.

The justification is that vaccinating people in developing countries is difficult due to not knowing who has had which vaccinations already, so the idea to place the vaccination record on the person would rectify this issue. Call me skeptical, however, I feel that there could have been other means to try before deciding to embed untested quantum technology, with untold consequences, into the bodies of children and adults alike. Could they not take their name, location, and birth date, and store the records on a data base like we do in the western world? Or, if they want to be radical, allocate a number to each person, and tattoo that number on them somewhere instead? Why are we choosing to use the developing world as guinea pigs for this new untested technology? What will the repercussions be?

Scientists are concerned that the “decomposition [of the quantum dot] could release toxic metals into the environment, posing a health risk to humans and animals.” The study cautions, “the release of toxic inorganic constituents during their weathering under acidic or alkaline conditions in the human body or the environment may cause unintended harm that might be difficult to predict with short-term toxicity tests.” See here for full article. I fear there will be consequences.

Anyone that has thoroughly researched vaccine ingredients and side effects; and vaccine history and development; will know that vaccinating the developing world is inhumane. 40% of the global population do not have access to clean and safe drinking water. The wealthiest of our land should redeploy the money into clean and safe drinking water; clean organic produce; building communities and homes; and ensuring good ethical supply chains.

With the world gearing up for Covid-19 immunity passports and vaccination certificates, it is not far fetched to connect the dots (no pun intended) between the pandemic; the plan for the future; and the quantum dots being rolled out in the developing world.

Would you allow your child to be used in this experiment?

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