Our Endeavour

Put it into Perspective

Our Endeavour

The ‘Perspective’ Mission is to encourage the sharing of perspectives, to achieve a greater, truer ‘perspective’. 

The ‘PerspectiveVision is to reignite the spark of learning and creativity within citizens of the world through reading, research, and writing; to create a roaring flame of knowledge. 

Preservation of information is an integral part of the ‘Perspective’ Values. The aim is to preserve and enhance our colourful roaring flame of knowledge, through reading and research, to encourage community engagement and initiatives

We are living in a metaphorically grey era; propaganda, lobbying, censorship and corruption taint many aspects of our world. Writers, researchers, academics, musicians, poets and artists have the ability to chip at this metaphorical painting through the natural, investigative, journalistic discourse that one takes down the path of discovery – to expose the colours of the world we see before us. 

The platform enables the reading and sharing of research and writing, on an array of fascinating topics.. from politics to the arts; history to poetry; anthropology to philosophy; psychology to religion; literature to language, economics to naturopathy

We believe that each and everyone has this ability; share your Perspective of your path to discovery.  

If you are interested in communicating your interpretations of the world in which we live to your fellow humans, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to reading your perspective. 

Yours faithfully

The Perspective 

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